Our resource library contains a number of white papers written by the founders of PaVima LLC, as well as a collection of articles, YouTube videos and reference materials that we deem relevant and helpful to those interested in what we offer.



Internal Practice

By Herwig Schoen

Everything we have in our lives, we have created by way of thought and emotion, either consciously  or subconsciously. Consequently, it is mandatory to learn how to master thought and emotion, as well as  a step-by-step means to gain access to your sub-consciousness if you wish to consciously create a life experience of your choice.
 “Internal Practice” is a comprehensive guide on how you create your life experience, how certain situations show-up in  your life and repeat themselves over and over again, and what you can do to shift these patterns.
The freedom to consciously create your life experience is the result of awareness and diligent practice. This book will give you the understanding necessary to shift your life at the origin of every creation, together with a few simple practices that can give you a taste of what is possible.


PaVima White Papers

All of our white papers are written by the Founders of PaVima. They reflect our core values and philosophy, and explain the foundational principles upon which our educational programs, consulting and coaching offers are based.

Education, Consulting and Coaching

By Muktananda and Muktananda Muktananda

The PaVima Institute offers Education, Consulting and Coaching services designed to prepare leaders for global transformation. We deliver these services through The PaVima Method — a unique multi-disciplinary approach comprising Energetic Alignment, Somatic Integration and Ontological ...


Information and Force: The Origin of the Material World

By Herwig Schoen and Herwig Schoen Herwig Schoen

Physics as well as everyday life experience teaches us that physical matter does not move without a force originating its movement. The chair in front of you, the rock in your garden, or the dishes in your sink will not move unless there is a force moving them. We all know this ...


Ontological Design

By Muktananda and Muktananda Muktananda

In my white paper Self-Transcendence I distinguish between being in a state of allowing vs. being in a state of doing. When we allow ourselves to open-up such that we are able to tune-in to the higher frequency energies of ...


By Muktananda and Muktananda Muktananda

How many of us find ourselves stuck in our own versions of this ancient African proverb? Running, running, running trying to keep up with the demands of our lives with no apparent end in sight. It’s exhausting. We feel stuck in a rat race with ever more to do each day and in ...


Strategic Thinking: The Art and Practice of an Ontological Observer

By Muktananda and Muktananda Muktananda

The PaVima Institute coaches leaders to become ontological observers of the disclosive spaces in which they and their organizations are immersed. By ontological observer, we mean one who is aware that his or her “take” on reality is always an interpretation based ...


The Energetic Alignment of Organizations

By Herwig Schoen and Herwig Schoen Herwig Schoen

We, at the PaVima Institute, understand that every organization whatever it is, has an energy at its origin and that without it, the organization could not exist. In other words, without this energy, the organization would never have come into existence. In this paper, ...

The Evolution of Self

By Muktananda and Muktananda Muktananda

The PaVima Institute contends that humanity is currently undergoing a major shift in consciousness -- a shift that is profoundly altering the historical understanding we humans have held about who we are and the world we inhabit. Indicators pointing to this shift include ...

The Evolution of the Brain

By Muktananda and Muktananda Muktananda

In the 1920s, Albert Einstein began his work on a unified field theory -- an attempt to bridge the disparate domains of his theory of relativity with the world of quantum physics. Many people say that Einstein failed because he was simply ahead of his time. The knowledge ...

The Process of Creation: Accessing Information and Force

By Herwig Schoen and Herwig Schoen Herwig Schoen

If you wish to take command of a situation you need to understand the forces that rule it. Imagine you wish to build a bridge, but you do not have sufficient knowledge of the materials involved, nor the statics. Consequently, you will not know how strong the bridge will be, how ...


Transfiguration: Self-Transcendent Leadership

By Muktananda and Muktananda Muktananda

The PaVima Institute prepares leaders for global transformation. We do so by immersing leaders in the PaVima Method so that they can learn to embody the principles and practices of transformation. In this way, not only they, but also their organizations are transformed in the process. ...


Working with “What Rules” Rather Than Working with “What is Ruled”

By Kari Granger and Herwig Schoen Kari Granger Herwig Schoen Kari Granger Herwig Schoen

As leaders committed to real tangible transformation on a global level, we have had to acknowledge what is increasingly impossible to ignore – that much of what we are doing is not working.

Additional References

In addition to our white papers we have compiled a collection of articles, videos and additional resources that augment and support the fundamental premises upon which our work is based.


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