Our resource library contains several white papers written by the founder of Pavima, as well as a collection of his books and articles. We also provide YouTube videos and reference materials that we deem relevant and helpful to those interested in what we offer. All materials reflect our core values and philosophy, and explain the foundational principles upon which our consulting and coaching offers are based.

BOOKS by Muktananda

WHITE PAPERS by Muktananda


A TED Talk by poet David Whyte:
A Lyrical Bridge Between Past, Present and Future

Muktananda on Management: listen to his BBC interview

Hemi-Sync Guided Meditation offered by The Monroe Institute

Jason Silva, the creator of Shots of Awe, has kindly granted PaVima, LLC permission to include the following YouTube videos on our website:
The Revered Gaze – Self-Transcendence

What is Ontological Design?


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